Should You Marry Late or Stay Single?

In the Indian subcontinent, marriage is an essential part of life. However, the social stigma and pressure force a boy or girl who has reached marriageable age to get them hitched as soon as possible. Generally, the correct age for marriage is between mid-twenties and early thirties. However, this might not be the case with everyone. There can be several reasons for not getting married at the “right age.” These include health issues, education, settling down in one’s career, family responsibilities, or even heartbreak! Finally, by the time one is ready to take the plunge, one would have crossed the ideal age of marriage, and it might be too late to find the right life partner.

One of the major confusions that people can have if they haven’t married till their mid-30s is whether to marry late or stay single. There are pros and cons to each. Let’s check what sounds familiar to you…

Usually, if you decide to get married at a late age, you are required to compromise on the choice of your soulmates. It might be in terms of looks, education, family background, marital history, or job prospects. Another issue with marrying late is that you are so accustomed to leading your life your way that making compromises for extended family is not easy. Therefore, finding a suitable match for a successful, independent, and middle-aged person becomes difficult. However, the late marriage bureau in Delhi can help you find a suitable match as per your preferences.

Another option available for people who haven’t got hitched till their mid-30s is to remain happily unmarried. You have led your life till this age on your terms, and that is the way you can continue to do so. With many people choosing to happily remain single and enjoy life with their friends, staying single is no longer considered taboo. Thanks to the growing acceptance of singlehood and increasing instances of divorce, many boys and girls choose to remain single.

If you have decided to get married, late marriage sites can help you find your soulmate even if it’s too late by society’s standards. Wedgate Matrimony is one of the leading matrimonial agents in Delhi. They have been successful in finding soulmates for lakhs of people, irrespective of the caste. With a vast database of prospective brides and grooms, it is not difficult to find one’s soulmate, even if you are marrying late!

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