Should You Go for Horoscope Matching or Not?

India is a country where astrology plays a very important role. As soon as a child is born, the elders of the family consult an experienced astrologer to get the child’s horoscope made. Irrespective of how much science has advanced and how technologically progressive we have become, there is no denying that deep down we do believe in astrology. Getting your birth chart prepared is something and making it mandatory for getting horoscope matched for prospective bride and groom is another thing. One of the major concerns people of the younger generation have is whether they should opt to get their horoscopes matched or not?


Most people these days are opting for love marriage instead of an arranged one as a result of which they do not opt for horoscope matching. The elders of the family however don’t often agree to it (both love marriage and not getting horoscope matched). Some people opt for the services of professionals. Wedgate Matrimony ( is one of the preferred marriage bureau in delhi that has gained immense popularity. When horoscopes are matched, certain factors are considered. These include:


  1. Santati yog: related to having children.
  2. Saubhagya yog: related to mutual understanding and compatibility.
  3. Sampati yog: related to money matters and fortune.
  4. Swasthya yog: related to the respective health of the partners.
  5. Samaj yog: related to general understanding and relationship with the family.

If you are contemplating whether you should get horoscope matched before marriage or not, here are the pros and cons associated with it.


Advantages of getting horoscope matched

  • You can get an idea about your compatibility with your partner as well as how well your relationship would be.


  • Traditions that were being practiced from centuries are not just ancient beliefs. Though you might not be aware of the logic behind them, there was some sense in them. If not anything, getting your horoscope matched might give you a sense of satisfaction (unless something bad comes out!)


Disadvantages of getting horoscope matched

  • If things turn out good when you get the horoscopes matched, then everything is hunky-dory, However, if the horoscope matching doesn’t turn out as you wanted, there will always be mental stress in the back of your mind, whether things will work out or not.


  • Every decision you make going ahead for marriage will be affected by the horoscope matching. You might always out-think and dwindle on your decision as a result of this.


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