Marriage Rituals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of legendary kings and queens is an abode where you find a rich cultural heritage. It is the land where weddings are full of tradition and vibrancy. The Rajasthani wedding rituals bloom from age-old Marwari customs and Rajasthani rich cultural amalgamation.

Here are some vibrant Rajasthani wedding rituals performed across the board for Kesariya Banna and Banni.

1. Tilak or Roka

Tilak ceremony
The Tilak ceremony is an official announcement of the wedding. Groom is gifted the Rajasthani royal elements such as sweets, jewelry, a sword, and money. Both families exchange gifts.

2. Pithi Dastoor

Pithi Dastoor
This ceremony is similar to the Haldi ceremony in which family members of both parties apply the paste of turmeric and sandalwood to the would-be couple.

3. Mehfil

This is a lively evening in which relatives wear traditional clothes and Ghoomer a buoyant dance is performed. This ceremony is similar to the Sangeet ceremony and is organized to celebrate the bride and her new married life.

4. Nikasi

This is a ceremony of getting the man ready as a groom. The groom’s sister-in-law applies kajal behind his ears and the brother-in-law ties a Sehra. A mare is readied for the Baraat before a groom goes for Mandap.

5. Palla and Janev

Palla and Janev
In this ceremony, the groom wears saffron attire and performs the Puja and Havan. He wears a Janev – a sacred thread that shows his responsibility as a married man. His family gives gifts to a bride for a new life.

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