Marriage Rituals and Customs in the Aggarwal Community

Just like in all other communities, there are multiple marriage rituals in the Aggarwal tradition. Just learn about some of them.

1. Rokna or Engagement

Rokna or Engagement

It shows that the search for the soulmate has stopped and two families of the couple are coming together. The bride’s father or other male member applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead to welcome him into their family. The groom’s family presents gifts to the bride.

2. Teeka


The bride’s and groom’s father perform a small puja. The bride’s family members put a tilak on the groom’s forehead and present some sweets and gifts to him and his family.

3. Godh Bharai

Godh Bharai

The groom’s family place makeup, jewelry, gifts, clothes, doll, and sweets in beautifully decorated baskets on the bride’s lap.

4. Sangeet

It is a musical and dance get-together with female family members and relatives of the bride. The bride sits on a silver chowki surrounded by her family and the groom’s family.

5. Haldi or Tel Baan

HaldiA paste of mustard oil, curd, fresh milk, turmeric, and herbs is applied on the feet, knees, arms, shoulder, and face of the groom and bride.

6. Mehendi

The groom’s family sends the mehendi to the bride. Then, the mehendi ceremony is performed in the bride’s home with beautiful designs made on her feet and hands.

7. Kangana

The bride and groom have tied a sacred thread (kangana) on their right wrists to protect them from evil eyes.

8. Ganesh and Gaur Puja

Ganesh Puja marks the start of wedding festivities. In Gaur Puja, a would-be bride is worshipped as Goddess Parvati or Gauri.

9. Mangal Phera


The couple takes 7 rounds around the sacred fire.
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