Is Marrying Late the Latest Trend in India?

Marriage is an important milestone, though the institution is losing its sheen with the current ‘no commitment’ generation preferring to live in rather than go through the entire rigmarole of getting married. However, there are still many people who believe in committing themselves to each other and tying the knot. Unlike earlier times when people used to get married early, sometimes even as a child, these days people prefer to marry late. It often makes one think whether this is a passing fad or something likely to become the new norm? According to a late marriage bureau in Delhi these are some of the popular reasons why people are choosing to marry late:

1. Becoming educated – Education is important, not just for your self-esteem but also for your personality development. The scenario has changed considerably in the past 6-7 decades. Earlier people used to get their sons and daughters married before they had a chance to pursue their studying dream, now, people are not ready to put their education on hold to settle personally in life.

2. Gaining financial independence – While earlier girls used to depend on their husbands or in-laws to provide for them, it is no longer the norm. With high standards of living, the working of both the partners has become essential these days. If you wish to earn big bucks, not only do you require quality education, but also adequate experience. Moreover, once you start earning, putting everything on hold to move to a new city due to marriage is often not a priority, neither for girls nor boys.

3. Not ready for responsibility – Every new move, whether it is from school to college, or from studies to earning requires responsibility on your part. Getting married also involves sharing the responsibility of your partner and your family, whether that involves parents or the kids. Many times, both girls and boys are not ready to leave their comfort zone and uproot themselves for the sake of tying the knot.

Though, it seems that the trend of marrying late is reasonable and here to stay, there are certain disadvantages to this. According to experts, marrying late often puts you under pressure to start your family soon, else there are several complications in having a healthy child. Moreover, adjusting to the family becomes exceedingly difficult at a later age. If you know someone who is looking for a match, then Wedgate Matrimony is an excellent late marriage site that can help you find a suitable match easily and quickly.

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