How Matchmaking is inbuilt in the Traditions of an Indian society?

Marriages in India are not only about bringing two individuals together but emphasize bringing both the families closer as well, an arrangement endorsed by everybody. The young generation also believes in the cultural definition of marriage as a family affair.

It is not any individual undertaking. In marriage harmony and shared values arising from common backgrounds are given more importance than individual attraction.

Sociologists believe that since Indian society consists of deep stratification based on the lines of caste, hierarchy, creed, social class, and education, the young feel relieved that their elders or parents have the responsibility to arrange their marriage and make the best selection from the pool of eligible women and men within their community, caste, and economic status.

Familiar customs, relatives, foods, incomes, etc are some of the common grounds provided by an arranged match-making bureau and helps in negotiating the matchmaking. The bright side of this process is that the adjustment process with the new partner and family becomes a bit smoother.

Did you Know, Relatives Sometimes Play a more Important Role Than Parents in the Arranged Marriage Scenario?

Relatives are often best placed to find an eligible match for a nephew or a cousin’s grandchild considering India’s complex network of families. In the majority of matchmaking, the relatives of either side may know the prospective family personally or may be connected to someone who is intimately linked with the would-be couple.

This helps in reassuring the parents that they are not risking any kind of unknown territory for their beloved child. Parents especially mothers are also encouraged by the fact that their daughter or son would get hitched to a partner having similar cultural roots, learned behavior, good genes, generosity, and grace handed down by the family.

The old practices of arranging matches have not been scrapped altogether. But in keeping with the fast pace of modern society and technological advancements, marriages are being treated as sophisticated ventures like any other events, designed to meet the requirements of their exclusive clientele.

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