Getting Hitched at the Right Time can be Good for Family and Career!

Marriage is considered one of the major milestones, especially in Indian families. Almost everywhere across the country, people have a consensus that children should marry at the “right age.” However, there is often a debate considering what is this right age? Many people consider that youngsters must get married in their mid-20s while most youths wish to live their life fully before being tied down by the responsibilities of family and household chores. Despite all reasons given by the younger generation, there are certain advantages associated with marrying early.

Let’s check what they are…

  • Education is important. Most people who have not taken a break in their studies would be able to complete their post-graduation by the time they have reached the age of 22-23. They are likely to gain employment after that and are financially independent and comfortably settled professionally by the age of 25-27. This holds for both boys and girls. Thus, it seems a good enough time to complete another personal goal – getting married!


  • Marrying in your mid-20s provides you with enough time to get to know your partner better and adjust to your new family and home. Moreover, you can focus on your relationship as well as professional commitments. As both parties are committed to building a mark in their respective professional domains, they can continue focusing on it before thinking of starting a family.


  • When you marry late, in your mid- or late-30s, you often must think of starting a family sooner rather than later. This is probably because, your biological clock is ticking, and you have another 15-20 years of service left. These are practical issues that need to be addressed. When you have children later in life, there can be several complications ranging from genetic disorders to increased chances of miscarriages. No wonder our parents preferred marrying at a younger age.


  • When you marry early and have kids by the age of 30, you could resume your career by the time your kids start their schooling. Thus, you can end up enjoying both a successful career and satisfying parenthood. Moreover, with so many alternatives available for work-from-home parents, you could have the best of both worlds.

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