Evolution of Popular Wedding Traditions and their Origins

There is no deficiency of wedding traditions and superstitions in different cultures across the world. These traditions have surprising origins. Some of them date back to earlier era. Some of them can go while some remained the same despite hundreds of years of their evolution. Let’s learn about the evolution of different wedding traditions over the years.

1. Engagement rings

Engagement rings
The first time, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. This tradition is worth following as it is an emotional and personal investment that symbolizes commitment, strength, and love.

2. Wedding rings

Wedding rings
The tradition of wedding rings was started by the Egyptians. The circle of the ring denotes infinity because it has no starting or end point. The empty space shows a gateway into the unfamiliar. Wedding rings have evolved over time, reflecting everlasting love with platinum. These rings feature diamonds and colorful gemstones.

3. Wearing a wedding ring on 4th finger

Wearing a wedding ring on 4th finger
Ancient Egyptians believe that the vein of love ran via the fourth finger (ring finger) of the left hand straight to the heart. Wearing a wedding ring on the 4th finger will protect it from wear and tear as most people are right-handed.

4. Organizing wedding ceremonies

Organizing indian wedding ceremonies
In most cultures, getting married need the consent of couples and their families in the presence of some witnesses. The ceremony of tying two people into a single knot of marriage is called a wedding, a term we use today. This tradition is worth keeping as it makes the ceremony memorable. Wedgate Matrimony, a trustworthy matrimonial site, helps in finding a compatible partner belonging to different culture, background, religion, and caste. Before making a final decision, you can determine the viewpoint of your partner regarding wedding traditions.

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