Does Blood Group Matter In Marriage?

Blood plays a crucial role not just in the human body but in married life as well. Many people wonder whether a blood group type affects marriage compatibility. Well, it doesn’t have any effect on the ability to have and successfully keep a happier and healthier wedding relationship. However, considering the blood group is essential when you are planning to have biological kids.


Different Blood Types

Different Blood Types

Mainly, there are four blood categories – A, B, AB, and O. These blood groups are further divided into positive and negative groups. So, in total, there are eight common blood types and these are as follows –

1. A+
2. A-
3. B+
4. B-
5. AB+
6. AB-
7. O+
8. O-

The blood type is predetermined at the birth time. It can’t be changed later in the whole life. The blood groups differ based on the absence or presence of antigens that stimulate the immune response. A protein, known as the Rh factor, makes the blood group either present (+) or absent (-).


Does Determining Blood Type is Mandatory?

Pre-determining the blood type of your would-be partner also helps in the event of an emergency. If you know the blood group of you and your partner, you can easily and quickly donate blood in an emergency. Also, blood compatibility matters if planning a pregnancy. Compatibility is important in planning pregnancy as it has an RH factor. Being RH negative or positive doesn’t affect your relationship and health, but it creates an impact on pregnancy.


Impact of Blood Type on Pregnancy

Impact of Blood Type on Pregnancy

RH factor creates an impact on pregnancy. If a mother is RH- and a baby is RH+, blood cells from the baby are crossing RH- mother’s bloodstream, which eventually triggers an immune response. The body of the mother might form antibodies to fight against the RH+ red blood cells of a baby. In case, there is a potential for RH incompatibility, the pregnancy will be checked and monitored regularly and attentively to prevent any associated complications.



If you’re in a search of the most compatible life partner, then register a profile at a reputed matrimonial site Wedgate Matrimony. Don’t forget to consider the blood group of the person you’re selecting. The reason is that blood type shows the personality of an individual. People with A-blood type are well-organized, type B is selfish, type C is optimistic, while type AB people are eccentric.

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