8 Questions to Ask Your Mate Before Wedding

When you know you are ready to be married, it is important to understand if you know how ready you and your partner are. Is it confusing? Let’s clarify this in detail. Whether you have been in love & known your partner or if this marriage is going to be arranged by family, friends with the help of a marriage bureau, there are a few questions you should consider asking yourselves. The answers to them will help assess how prepared and clear you are as partners.

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

8 Inescapable Questions to Ask Before You Get Married:-

1. Where would we be living after our marriage? Do we have any specific preference in choosing where our place of living needs to be – whether closer to work, closer to parents, etc?

2. Do we have differences in customs and religious beliefs? How are we going to handle these differences, if they exist? Would we be able to adjust and be flexible in practicing our individual beliefs?

3. Do we have loans or financial needs that matter a lot to us? Are we comfortable handling this after being married? Do we need each other’s support in alleviating such financial burdens?

4. How important is our career to us? How supportive we would be to one another if there is a brief time of joblessness or sickness for one of the partners?

5. How are planning to fulfill our obligations towards our family members? Do we plan to support them financially at a regular frequency? Have we planned for medical emergencies if any during the old age of parents?

6. How prepared are we to start a family? Are we equipped to handle the responsibilities of a newborn child sooner in our lives? If we need to postpone childbirth – how long this can be?

7. What is our emotional quotient in handling disagreements? How do we plan to treat the situations that will arise due to differences in our individual opinions? How can we resolve arguments or fights between us?

8. How are we going to split and balance work with domestic chores? Can we adhere to the plan of splitting daily activities so that it is easier for both of us?

The questions may seem frivolous nevertheless very important for every couple to discuss them well. It certainly brings a lot of confidence in the hearts of the couples who are preparing themselves for a harmonious life.

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