3×3 Rules in Marriage, Is it Works or Not?

Married life gets changed after having kids. The time couples used to spend together is now sacrificed for daycare trips, potty training, feeding babies, and other things. Showing carelessness can overwhelm you and bring your happy wedding relationship into an endless downhill fall. This is where you can work on the 3×3 rule of marriage. Don’t know what it is and how it can help? Let’s learn about it here.

What is a 3×3 Rule?

This is a way couples can use to purposely plan their time together as alone and as a couple. According to this rule, you and your spouse take out three hours from your life to spend quality time alone with one another and rest 3 hours to enjoy entirely by yourself. You can use this time all in a single day or divide it and distribute it throughout the week as per your preference.
The biggest advantage of using this complete arrangement is that this time is completely non-negotiable. This means, no matter how much you are busy taking care of your kids or other things, you will get some way to enjoy this time together.

Benefits of 3×3 Rule

Benefits of 3x3 Rule
This rule has a strict structure that creates predictability, efficiency, and peace of mind. It provides the essential balance to life. Moreover, it eases relational tension by avoiding arguments and common discontent. It will make your time together highly meaningful and provide quality time with children. This will eventually help you in becoming a better partner and a parent.
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