Top 5 Expectations of Indian Girls From Marriage

In India, when a girl wishes to get married, the first stop point for her parent and her extended family is the marriage bureau. Several matrimonial sites are functioning in the prime cities of the country offering a wide range of consultations for fixing up an arranged marriage in the Indian household. But for them to function and find the prospective bridegroom for the Indian girl, they need to understand what these to-be brides expect out of their marriages.

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Here’s Assessing Some of the Key Expectations of Indian Girls:–

1. With a Stable Job & Good Salary

Financial stability is the foremost aspect that the Indian girls today are mostly looking forward to in their partner. A man who has a good job, offering good pay that would ensure comfortable living as well as provide financial security, is a prospective bridegroom. The girls see it as a way of being able to provide for the family including the children of their future.

2. To Let be Independent and Career-Oriented

Indian girls today have advanced in every field and are making strides. When it is the time to be married, their expectation is that they remain unaffected in terms of their career priorities. They expect that a marriage shouldn’t stall them from the progress they are making and is expecting independent decisions to be made when it comes to their career.

3. Sharing Household Chores

We have career-driven women in society today and many of them work long hours too! Indian girls of today are equally busy at their jobs and hence find it normal that the men at home share the responsibility towards household chores. Partaking in domestic cleaning, cooking, and tending to home needs, Indian girls expect the men to share the workload at home.

4. Non-Patriarchal

Indian girls today want their partners to grow away from the traditional patriarchal society that they were brought up in. Mutual respect for each other’s parents, an open attitude towards children without gender bias, and planning families considering the wishes of the wife are being sought by the Indian girls of today.

5. Good Looking / Smart

Though not the topmost expectation from Indian girls of today, good looks and smart men are still factors that will alter decisions in prospective alliances. “Good looks are important too – they make both the husband & the wife confident” – say some of the girls of today, who would love to gladly walk hand-in-hand with handsome husbands.

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