Late Marriage – Its Causes and Effects

What is meant by ‘Late Marriage’?

It is known as ‘Delayed Marriage’ as well, late marriage allows you to get a peek into the progress of women empowerment worldwide. Youngsters were expected to get married right and start a family soon after, until the last century. But the trend is changing now. Marriage is a very personal decision and owing to the change in society, prospective bride and grooms are taking their own sweet time before tying the knot.

Late marriage has depicted the rising trend of pushing the age of marriage into the late 30s and higher, by personal preference and choice. Urban men and women equipped with good education and well-paid jobs are now more likely to postpone marriage. The long-held idea of ‘marriageable age’ has changed and it is confirmed by the latest statistics on marrying later in life. The average age for women getting married has increased from 18.3 years to 19.3 years as per the released data.

1. From the beginning of this century the change was slow but steady as more and more women started to focus on getting a good education and become independent financially, instead of using marriage as a meal ticket.

2. Parents are shifting their focus positively in upbringing their children to acquire education and skills to be self-dependent rather than getting a good groom.

3. Effects of urbanization, women empowerment, and access to facilities are responsible for this positive change in perspective.

4. Change from joint family to nuclear family system, fear of commitment, also influenced a young generation to delay their marriage till they are very certain of the choice they are making.

5. Globalization has a great effect. The advent of the internet and TV has brought Western culture to our doorsteps as people follow shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘How I met your mother’ which typically depicts late marriages.

6. With more individualization and focus on happy married life, you want an ideal life partner taking the help of the late Marriage Bureau in Delhi and are willing to wait for the right person.

7. Science can now take care of the biological clock with solutions like IVF and surrogacy.

If you marry late you will appreciate your marriage more since you have enjoyed enough as a single individual and had the most amazing time. You will not feel like that you have missed out on anything when you finally decide to get married.

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