7 Types of Marriage, Which is Yours?

There is no strict rule to make a marriage successful. The only secret is deciding whom you are marrying and what you wish your marriage to be about. To lead a happier and a successful wedding life, you need to be on the same page as your would-be partner. This is a reason most people are nowadays availing matrimonial services for choosing the correct potential spouse.

According to psychological research, marriages are of 7 types. These are listed below.

1. Starter marriage

In this sort of marriage, two people get married, divorce, and then marry someone other. A starter marriage is ended to move on to another for good access and status.

2. Companionship marriage

Companionship marriage

This is a marriage in which the friends forever tag reaches a completely new level. Couples have a strong friendship before getting married.

3. Parenting marriage

Parenting marriage

In parenting marriage, partners keep their committed relationship just as it relates to their kids. However, from the outer shell, they resemble families where parents have love.

4. Financial marriage

Financial marriage

In financial marriage, couples give preference to a career before relationship. It’s just the financial rewards or money that keep them together.

5. Living alone together marriage

Living alone together marriage

In this marriage type, partners may prefer living apart in different apartment units, states, or nations for various reasons.

6. Open marriage

This marriage type has been stigmatized for challenging commitment but it provides an alternative.

7. Traditional marriage

Traditional Marriage

This is possibly the marriage most people are familiar with. It involves two people who are rooted in romance and their relationship is believed to last until both partners die.

Based on the type of marriage you would like to have, you can find the most suitable would-be spouse with Wedgate Matrimony. You can locate the correct person from any caste, community, or a religion.

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