Why Us

A Journey which began nine years ago with a passion in matchmaking morphed into a professional organization.

Every individual is unique and so are his / her preferences. Wedgate`s motto is to understand you, your preferences and to consummate your matchmaking by finding a compatible match.

At the helm of Wedgate Matrimony`s work philosophy are the emotional values which are the underlying substratum that govern forging of matrimonial alliances. Demographic, social, financial attributes are also the quintessential ingredients but emotions supersede all.

Your aspirations are not treated mechanically. In other modes like Online Portals, Media, other Marriage Bureaus every aspirant is just an entity in the database and there is an automatic flux of entries left to the perils of blind searches.

We do not leave your profile in the wilderness of unending data waiting to be found. With our ever expanding in house database coupled with use of an interactive mechanism we reach out to a wide universe of prospects. An intelligent search is activated which is powered by our expertise, our systems and the strength of infrastructure built over the years.

We scrutinize and classify most suitable matches for you. We work relentlessly under your franchise to represent you to search for a compatible match and reach the destination –

A Happy Wedlock.

The core of Wedgate`s Work Ethos is Participation. Our success lies in a decade old insights of the highly experience oriented field of Matrimonial Alliances.

From understanding you to meticulously studying your need is the foundation in the search of a compatible match. We have evolved in the expertise of matchmaking. With the passage of time, we dynamically upgrade ourselves.

We virtually personify your search.

What could be more sensitive than working for lifelong bonds of Matrimony - An Insitution the sanctity of which can never be overestimated.

Wedgate reaches to places where others are unable to or are not willing.