We have a bouquet of packages on offer. These packages are carefully crafted to meet client's criteria and needs.

  Wedgate Silver -
It is our basic package. Affordability is of essence to major cross section of our society. This Package optimizes on both objectives - Economy and Quality of our Service.


  Wedgate Gold -
Wedgate search engine is powered with the steam of  extensive experience of our Team. We work on multifarious facets. Our Clients have the facility of availing our exclusive Meeting Lounges.


  Wedgate Diamond -
Like the expanse of a spectrum of light visible through a Diamond this package covers a wide gamut of services. We proactively work on your case with a realistic approach. Level of our involvement is higher.


  Wedgate Exclusive -
Exclusivity which is the essence of success is imparted to every case. Ever expanding prospect base is explored till a logical conclusion is derived  Working on a much wider platform, we tread with you on  the rigorous journey of match finding.


  Wedgate Elite -
Wedgate system is customized to suit the preferences of our every Elite Client. Their individual sensitivities are delicately handled, Confidentiality of their interests is closely safeguarded. Only an iota short of Destiny results are certain.


  Wedgate NRI -
Search is conducted on a Global platform. Timelines are drawn to suit NRI Client schedules. Boundaries are not Countries or Continents but the entire World. We work in the global society to crystallize marriages even in very diverse circumstances.


  Wedgate Remarriage -
The task of re bonding a marriage after one has been annihilated by cruel misfortune is stupendous. Wedgate specializes in this arena and makes it happen through global search and personal touch.